List of products by manufacturer FAE

FAE (Made in Spain)

FAE Automotive Sensors
FRANCISCO ALBERO S.A. (FAE) is a leader on the market of automotive stare parts (electrics) due to a wide range and the quality of the goods.
With more than 50 years of experience FAE today is a leading manufacturer in the sphere of electrical spare parts. The company specializes in the production of spare parts for European, Japanese and Korean cars.

FAE offers a wide range of spare parts, presented in the following groups:
* Oil pressure switches and transmitters
* Stop light switches
* Backup lamp switches
* Temperature sensors
* Glow plugs (double coil – Termoplus)
* Solenoids
* Oxygen sensors
* Revolution and timing sensors
* Interference-suppression ignition cables
* Ignition coils
* Panel lights, buttons, indicator lamps, bulb holders and fuse holders
* Sensors

In 1995 FAE received a quality certificate ISO 9001 on their own initiative. Today it is successfully approved.
Since 2007 FAE has been present in TecDoc and is classified as a certified data supplier.

In the current year the company received a GOST R certificate, which gives the possibility of direct export to the Russian Federation.

New spare parts: In the last trimester of 2010 they are planning to introduce 5 new planar lambda sensors of wide range, absolute pressure sensors (МАР sensors) knock sensors.
Made in Spain