List of products by manufacturer MAGNETI MARELLI

Magneti Marelli Parts

Magneti Marelli s.p.a. is an Italian company which develops and manufactures electric and electronic parts for automotive industry. It’s a subsidiary of the Fiat Group. A production range of the company includes alternators and starters, spare parts for alternators and starters of all models, wiper motors, electronic systems, ignition, switches, Lambda/oxygen sensors, electric fuel pumps and other goods.

Magneti Marelli offers both new and remanufactured alternators and starters. Together they cover 93% of European car park market demand. They are mounted to cars and trucks as well as to special transport.

Magneti Marelli offers a wide range of spare parts for starters and alternators, including alternator brackets, rectifiers, stators, voltage regulators, solenoid coils, frames, windings, electronic regulators. All in all there are more than 1000 original spare parts for cars and trucks.

Wind and rear screen wipers, housings and wiper relays.
More than 100 items of electric motors for cars.
Magneti Marelli wiper motors are the devices which are mounted on original assembly systems. They guarantee high effectiveness and security.

Ignition control units, fuel filters, fuel injectors, electric fuel pumps, throttle potentiometers, pressure regulators, sensors, VAE mechanisms and idle run control mechanisms – together there are more than 500 items. Production range covers demands of a major part of the European car park market. The company offers original goods of original assembly or high quality spare parts for specialized garages.

Ignition distributors, ignition coils, ignition locks, impulse generator, points, condensers, breaker points, pneumatic controls. The company offers ready subunits and sets for low and high voltage.

Magneti Marelli range includes more than 500 items of switches and switch boxes, including direction indicator switches, wiper switches, fog lamp switches, emergency light switches, rear screen heating switches, adapter switches and electrical junction boxes for cars and trucks of Italian, German and French make. All goods are of good quality and guarantee failure-free operation. They are made of high quality materials in compliance with all requirements of the modern production technology.

Magneti Marelli range includes two types of oxygen sensors manufactured on the basis of ceramic elements and applied to define the exhaust emission components. There are zirconia and titanium lambda sensors. The range includes 250 items which correspond to the original parts of factory assembly, are durable and easy to mount (are TÜV/KBA certified). Magneti Marelli offers seven items of universal oxygen sensors – four zirconia lambda sensors (with a single-, two-, three- and four-wire cable) and three titanium lambda sensors (with a three-wire cable – 18 mm). Universal oxygen sensors are manufactured for 90% of car models on the market and have more than 3600 versions.

They perform direct fuel injection in internal-combustion engines. Magneti Marelli range includes pumps which are exceptionally resistant to harmful chemical substances contained in fuel. Their long operating lifetime guarantees a reliable operation of a vehicle’s fuel system. The company offers goods of original assembly as well as spare parts produced in conformity with all original parameters.